Hall of Shame

The following players cheated in our Skype tournaments, and are permanently banned:

2020: Carlos Alberto Mora Gomez (Colombia)
2020: Givson Silva (Brazil)
2020; Pedro Tiberio (Brazil)
2020: Ganesh Babar (India)
2020: Seher Yilmazer (Turkey)
2020: Bernard Siret (France)
2019: Sagar Borkar (India)
2019: José Hector Rejon (Mexico)
2019: Bernard Sojka (France)
2019: José Abel Martinez (Argentina)
2019: Suryapratap Singh (India)
2018: Claudio Gasperoni (Italy)
2017: Pier Giorgio Mela (Italy)
2014: Christian Karlsen (Argentina)
2013: Saulo de Jesus Torres (Colombia)
2011: Ali Chihani (France)

Some other players who cheated admitted their wrongdoings, and got a lighter ban. Their names are not published here.