Endgames with Paul Benson

From Paul's Coaching Sessions, compiled by Mark Hague

King and pawn King_and_pawn.mp3
Knight and lonely King Knight_and_lonely_King.mp3
Knight Exercises 1 Knight_Exercises_1.mp3
Knight Exercises 2 Knight_Exercises_2.txt
Lucena position Lucena_position.mp3
Philidor Position 1 Philidor_Position_1.mp3
Philidor Position 2 Philidor_Position_2.mp3
Philidor Position 3 Philidor_Position_3.mp3
Philidor Position 4 Philidor_Position_4.mp3
Rook and pawn 1 Rook_and_pawn_1.mp3
Rook and pawn 2 Rook_and_pawn_2.mp3
Rook and pawn 3 Rook_and_pawn_3.txt
Rook and pawn 4 Rook_and_pawn_4.mp3
Rook and pawn 5 Rook_and_pawn_5.mp3
Rook and pawn 6 Rook_and_pawn_6.mp3
Rook and pawn 7 Rook_and_pawn_7.mp3
Rook and pawn 8 Rook_and_pawn_8.mp3
Rook and pawn 9 Rook_and_pawn_9.mp3
Rook and pawn 10 Rook_and_pawn_10.mp3
Rook versus King checkmate Rook_versus_King_checkmate.mp3