[Administration] Problem with cookies

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[Administration] Problem with cookies

Postby Volker Pittlik » 06 Jul 2005, 11:24


several problems related to the cookies of the forum have been reported.

It could be that your password doesn't work anymore. Some have to log in twice or to click twice or a link to get into a forum. Others reported problems with the search. I have observed that I have to log out twice before something happened.

So far it was always helpful to delete the cookies of the forum. Where and how to find it depends of your browser.

If you use MSIE there is usually a file located at "C:\...\Cookies\<your username>@volker-pittlik[1].txt" or "C:\...\Cookies\<your username>@wbforum*[1].txt". If you delete that file your problem will possibly be solved.

If you use Firefox choose from the menu "Extra", Settings", "Security", "Show cookies". Find everything beginning with "wbforum*" in the displayed list and remove them.

Please note that you have to enter your password again if autologin was enabled.


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