Question to H.G. Muller/Zach Wegner...

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Question to H.G. Muller/Zach Wegner...

Postby Alex Berger » 28 Sep 2008, 19:28


Thank you for your awesome work on getting xboard in sync with winboard. The provided source compiles fine on my 64-Bit box-but I wonder, how these new features could be used by the default-distro-user, who doesn't neccessarily want to get dev-packages (even it's somewhat simple)-meaning:

Do you consider yourself as the new upstream? Would it help to assign bugreports (for Debian [example] in this case it would be a feature-request) and point to this site? Do you recommend it?

greetings alex
Alex Berger
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Re: Question to H.G. Muller/Zach Wegner...

Postby Zach Wegner » 29 Sep 2008, 06:32

Hello Alex,

I would be hesitant to call our project the new "official" version, because there is the official xboard repository on Savannah. However, that seems to be completely dead. Also, the newer Unix versions haven't been rigorously bug tested, only in a limited distribution for a small amount of time. I would want it to be more thoroughly tested before it gets disseminated in package form. In any case, I think giving this forum as a support forum would be good. This is a pretty high active place, so that whatever questions they have, there will most likely be someone here to help. The savannah repo, however, they'll likely get nothing.

Hope that helps,
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Zach Wegner
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Re: Question to H.G. Muller/Zach Wegner...

Postby Alex Berger » 30 Sep 2008, 14:50

Oha. I maybe will write a mail to the maintainer and not assign a bug-report.
I've read 'engine-intf.html' ...and gothic shows up; well I assume it's settled then (means, that the 'patent' doesn't apply anymore, because it's obviously expired), right?

You know, the Debian people tend to avoid such things (nasty patent stuff)-perhaps they decide to 'patch' the code, if they accept the new sources...

Oh well-but thanks Zach.

Alex Berger
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