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Winboard on

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2010, 11:56
by AchimWagenknecht

I just listed your great software on my open source download portal ... /Winboard/

Thank you very much for releasing this great piece of software to the open

I would appreciate a link to

Read more about

With kind regards,
Achim Wagenknecht

Re: Winboard on

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2010, 20:07
by Olivier Deville
Many thanks Achim, let's hope this will help Winboard to become even more popular :)

I'll add your website to the links section quickly.


Re: Winboard on

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2010, 15:25
by Olivier Deville
Done :)

Hope it is ok for you.