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Engine Parameters are listed/searchable where?

PostPosted: 01 Jun 2012, 13:52
by Remiem
Though there a lot of sites like I can't find a site listing engine parameters.

At the moment I search a free engine
-where you can limit the search depth by engine parameter
-which works on as many platforms as possible (Windows, Linux, Mac, ..., UCI, Winboard)
but I can't find one. (I found one free engine with "Search depth" as engine parameter, but it is ignored in infinite analysis of chessbase, while another is neither free nor multiplatform.)

Another time I wish to simply change e.g. the queen value, but then I need to remember what engine offers that.

Re: Engine Parameters are listed/searchable where?

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2013, 20:09
by Jon
The Computer Chess Wiki has a list of engines, their operating systems and which protocols they use: ... ngine_list

Arasan (UCI/WB), Beowulf (WB), Crafty (WB), Fruit (UCI), GNUChess 5(WB), Stockfish (UCI) and Toga II(UCI) are free, and have versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

UCI compliant engines should let you limit the ply depth in console mode by typing for example "go depth 3" or GUIs like Arena allow you to set the search depth.

Fruit allows you to set the value of a queen. Shredder Classic 4 can be downloaded for a free trial, and also has this feature. Commercial engines like Fritz 8-9, Rybka 4.1 or Nimzo 8 also have queen value parameters.