A game, not Chess...

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A game, not Chess...

Postby carnator » 24 Oct 2012, 16:09


Did I just make this account? Yes. Am I an interloper in your community? Yes. So, I am going to tread lightly, very lightly. I am working on a game for Linux and Windows, turn based strategy, it plays much like a table top war game, it could be described as "chess on steroids." I am not giving a link to the site or even mentioning the name of the game, because I know that unsolicited advertising is an annoyance and frowned upon, always. We are just starting to build a community for the game. We need skilled players to find game balance issues. In chess my Elo rating is 1596, decent but not great; as a play tester for the game I don't feel that I am capable of creating the dominant strategies and tactics that we need to find in case they create issues with game balance. I think that strong chess players can definitely take this game to a high level of play to test game balance. I also think that you might really enjoy this game. If this sounds interesting to anyone please let me know and I'll keep talking, otherwise I can take a hint and I'll just disappear myself back into the ether from whence I came.


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