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Official (re)launch of TCEC - website is up!

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2013, 20:59
by Martin Thoresen
Hi all,

Hopefully it will be a fun time ahead. TCEC is back!

To check it out, you can go to:
All "old TCEC" games can be found in the archive:
All info and explanations can be found in the info page:

Season 1 will start soon. I will come back later with a more detailed date. An approximate time frame is within 1-2 weeks.
I will also need to decide on a decision regarding the opening book, any help on this matter will be most appreciated.
Preliminary list of participants can be found in the engine ratings page:

There is now a chatbox too, that accepts logins from Facebook or Twitter, or as a guest.
If the latter proves to be problematic I will disable it so behave!

Spread the word to as many as you can by clicking the Google +1, Facebook Like, or Twitter button in the header.

The website should work in any browser, however for IE, version 7 or lower are not recommended.
For all browsers, Javascript must be enabled to view the games.
Please let me know if you have any trouble with the website!
Contact details are also in the info page.

ChessBomb has agreed to continue the broadcasts too, so of course you can go there too when the first season starts.


Re: Official (re)launch of TCEC - website is up!

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2013, 00:55
by Martin Thoresen
Now there is a big board function so you can watch the games while you make coffee or eat.
Just click the "Big Board" link right below the chess board in the live page. It will re-size it self depending on how big you make the window.

Re: Official (re)launch of TCEC - website is up!

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2013, 14:14
by Martin Thoresen
Hello everyone, a few updates and changes:

1: Draw adjudication rule increased from "3 moves / 6 plies" to "4 moves / 8 plies",
2: Added color codes to the engines in the rating list,
3: Added Robbo Totalbases and Robbo Triplebases to the endgame tablebases,

4: Engines updated
-Pro Deo 1.82 to 1.83c (Thanks Ed!)
-Gaviota 0.851 to 0.86b3 (Thanks Miguel!)

5: Engines removed from preliminary starting field:
-Zappa Mexico II (criteria: age)
-Philou 3.71 (criteria: age, non-smp)
-Glass 1.9 (criteria: age, non-smp, rodent)
-Rotor 0.7a (criteria: age, non-smp)

6 :Engines added to preliminary starting field:
-Vitruvius 1.19 (commercial, thanks Roberto!)
-Chiron 1.5 (commercial, thanks Ubaldo!)
-Protector 1.50b1 (latest dev. version, thanks Raimund!)
-Quazar 0.4 (free)