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ArcBishop and Chancellor

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2007, 06:18
by Matthias Gemuh
ArcBishop and Chancellor are chess engines primarily for Capablanca chess.
The engines are still very very very slow for several reasons. ArcBishop plays
matrialistically like BigLion and Chancellor plays sacrificially like Taktix.
Presently, random numbers are added to the evaluations to stop games from
Of course ArcBishop and Chancellor also play normal chess and Chess960.
As UCI engines, choose UCI Haha for Chess960 and Capablanca Jaja for
Capablanca chess in ChessGUI 0.058 or later.
As WB engines, choose WB_OO for Chess960 and Capablanca WB_OO for
Capablanca chess in ChessGUI 0.058 or later.
For some mysterious reason, ArcBishop and Chancellor are not able to use their
intended books yet.
Note that ArcBishop and Chancellor are genuinely very very very slow and so
cannot replace BigLion and Taktix yet.