*** Please read this: This forum has moved ***

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*** Please read this: This forum has moved ***

Postby Admin Volker Pittlik » 09 Oct 2004, 14:26

Geschrieben von:/Posted by: Admin Volker Pittlik at 09 October 2004 15:26:13:

This forum has moved now to its new new home: http://wbforum.volker-pittlik.name.
I would be glad if everyone (especially the sceptics) try the new
forum. I hope you will see it is a good and maybe better alternative.
However, I have too admit I miss the threadview too.
And yes, I'm a bit sad to leave this place.
Thanks to everyone who has posted here in the last five years.
Let's make the new forum even better!
---*** Some Hints ***---
This forum will stay online at least until April 20, 2005. After an unknown
period of time later it will be deleted. Until then the search function
is available and you can still find messages you are interested in. I'm planning
to create some sort of an archive for messages of general interest in the
new forum. If you think a message should be in that archive please let me know.
The user gallery and the link section will find a new home at the new forum too.
If you like you can even download the entire forum to your harddisk.
There is an offline-reader available to read the messages. That reader
unfortunately misses a search option.
The zipped archives of this forum can be found here: http://f11.parsimony.net/forum16635/zip.htm

Expect 15-20 MB for each zipfile containing 10000 messages. If you use
the offline reader it is not necessary to unzip them. If you unzip the
archive (to search inside with an editor for example) expect ~500 MB disk usage.
The offline reader can be found here:
To use the offline reader simply save the program in a directory of
its own and create another directory "forum16635" below it. Put all
the zipfiles in that directory. Then you can read the archives. It is
not necessary to unzip them for that purpose.

The New Winboard Forum
Admin Volker Pittlik

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