Diepeveen Attack !

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Diepeveen Attack !

Postby Frank Quisinsky » 11 Nov 1999, 02:00

Geschrieben von:/Posted by: Frank Quisinsky am 11. November 1999 02:00:14:
Patzer play in Leiden against Quest the Diepeveen attack (Quisinsky variant) and
Quest answere with the Queen defence !
01) d4 - Nf6
02) a3 - d5 (a3 Diepeveen attack)
03) c3 - Qd6 (c3 Quisinsky variant and Qd6 Quest Queen defence) :-))
Quest and Patzer play a wonderful game and Patzer play other good games against
Chess Tiger and The King !
You can replay the games !
I made comments in the games and you can download the great log and list files
of Patzer (and the pgn and cbh files from the Patzer games).
In this HTML data stands the list files !
Furthermore I wrote a litte Pa(n)zer (Panzer in german = Tank in english) story
The Panzer (tank) page under ...
http://www.in-trier.de/~quisinsky/schac ... tzer_1.htm
Have a nice day !
Kind regards
Copy from CCC
Sory Vincent !

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Frank Quisinsky

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