...crux 01.2R...and medium book...

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...crux 01.2R...and medium book...

Postby WYx » 10 Apr 2000, 14:07

Geschrieben von: / Posted by: WYx at 10 April 2000 15:07:17:
crux 01.2R available on official crux page.
not forget :))
01.2R added External Opening Book Usage.
added Easy mode detection (no pondering)
fixed Exit from WB
enjoy it :)

Re: medium book not download.... (no text)

Postby Carlos E.A. Drake » 10 Apr 2000, 21:07

Geschrieben von: / Posted by: Carlos E.A. Drake at 10 April 2000 22:07:10:
Als Antwort auf: / As an answer to: ...crux 01.2R...and medium book... geschrieben von: / posted by: WYx at 10 April 2000 15:07:17:
Carlos E.A. Drake

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