Engine and source release for SharpChess

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Engine and source release for SharpChess

Postby Albert Bertilsson » 01 Mar 2003, 11:55

Geschrieben von: / Posted by: Albert Bertilsson at 01 March 2003 11:55:36:

A long time ago I promised that I'd release the source for SharpChess, just in case any C# programmer would want to write a chess engine.
Since I started on another engine not based on #Chess the code is not in any way well structured or nicely commented, and it is full of remarks of things todo and code blocks commented out temporarily.
This final version is called 0.06 and has played some 3000 games on freechess.org with a rating of aroung 1550 (On a Duron 600 MHz with 256 MB SDRAM 133). There some buggs still though...
Feel free to mail me with comments.
/Regards Albert

Version 0.06 and it's source can be found here:
Albert Bertilsson

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