Ktulu 3.4 has been released

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Ktulu 3.4 has been released

Postby Jan Kiwitter » 16 Apr 2003, 22:12

Geschrieben von: / Posted by: Jan Kiwitter at 16 April 2003 23:12:17:

On the website of Rahman Paidar I just saw that a new version of Ktulu has been released.
In changes.txt the author wrotes:
Ktulu 3.4 (Released on 16 April 2003)
- Optimizations continues: Pentium Scheduling optimization is handled where compiler can not recognize them in loops. This is done by reducing the instructions in any loops in the sourcecode. Having done this, we reached to 3%-9% speedup in this version.
- Incremental Time Control Management is now more better and reliable than before. The previous version seemed to introduces bug when additional time after each move is 0 or 1.
- An ugly bug in finding a move in the book database was fixed. 0x1fffff had been replaced by the 0x1ffff. This bug casused to return an invalid move from the searching database which in turn leads to stop the analyses. Most of the losing on time were due to existence of this bug.
- Add ability to claim Draw.
- Ktulu now is able to resign when opponent is ahead in material.
- Improvement the < force> command : In this regard, user is able to use external database as a book.
Thanks Rahman for this really interesting and strong new engine!
Jan Kiwitter

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