Crafty 19.08 SE 2004 released ...

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Crafty 19.08 SE 2004 released ...

Postby Michael Byrne » 01 Jan 2004, 17:35

Geschrieben von: / Posted by: Michael Byrne at 01 January 2004 17:35:14:

January 1, 2004
Happy New Year to all my Crafty Friends!
Attached is for your playing pleasure is “Crafty 19.08 SE 2004”
“SE” means “Special Edition”
“2004” is to celebrate the new year 2004 and it signifies that this SE version is a significant update and the first one of 2004!
1. The code had been cleaned up and now when you select “standard” crafty personality – you get the true “standard” crafty personality with none of my other search, evaluation and time usage changes. By default, when you select a krafty personality, you get other code changes that may impact search, evaluation and time usage. Now you can select a krafty personality but keep original search, time usage and evaluation code not impacted by selecting krafty personality. Use the command “SE off” (caps are important) after you select your krafty personality. If you want the Delay move function turned off, use “dm off” after the krafty command as well. You effectively now have 64 personalities – each of the 32 personalities with SE code “on” or “off”. You can test if “standard” crafty is really working by running bench with no hash or other line parameters – you should see exactly “Total nodes: 87089583” when bench completes. That is the exact same result that I got before making any changes to the source.
2. The source has also been cleaned up – I have indicated every code change with a comment “by byrne” .
3. Added new commands “arena” and “SE”. “arena” is to be used when using crafty in the Arena GUI with wb2uci.exe. Apparently, wb2uci.exe also translates commands that were specifically for the Chessbase Fritz GUI. One of those commands that it translated ( when running under Arena with wb2uci.exe) turned st x into st x000 when it was received by crafty. Obviously that is a big difference and effectively disabled the “move per time” menu item in Arena GUI when running Crafty 19.08 SE with wb2uci.exe. Imported under winboard, it was fine. Crafty 19.08 SE 2004 will use the “move per time” command properly under Arena with wb2uci.exe with the option “arena on” set. It can be set in crafty.rc or in the wb2uci command setting GUI.
4. Other misc bug fixes. The biggest one is fixing the EGTB. Somehow , I had broken EGTB and it’s been broken for a while. I did not notice it because it was not readily apparent, in some cases it was working.
5. To do items:
i - add more personalities
ii – rate each personality
iii – improve speed – this version seems to be slower than “standard crafty”.
iv. Clean up this letter - summarize all the previous letters onto one coherent summary).
The zip file folder has the executable, the logo and the wb2uci.exe I use. Copy these to all the engine folders you wish to add and then import the wb2uci.exe file as you would normally. There are several web pages devoted to explaining this process better than I can.
I am interested in hearing about all tournaments you play Crafty in and which personality you like the best and why. Keep the e-mails coming , I read them all – but I cannot not reply to every one – there is now over 150 people from about 30 countries that are on my “modified crafty“ mailing list!

If you not responded with the country that you consider home - please do so.

Everybody on this e-mail is “bcc” to protect your privacy. You have requested to be included on my Crafty distribution list. Should you ever wish to be removed from this “crafty list”, please send me an e-mail with the word “remove” in the subject heading. This e-mail list will never be shared with anyone.

Crafty is copyrighted. The copyright is owned and maintained by Bob Hyatt. This version is provided for free with his consent. I provide Bob with the source code for all my changes. He determines what, if any, of my changes are incorporated into the next Crafty release. Source is available upon request.
Best wishes to all for a healthy and peaceful New Year and may God bless you and your family.
Michael Byrne

(Extract of Previous E-mail Messages – provided since they may give new users of “modified crafty” information that is still true - exact analysis may now be different)

Also, please do not use the "adaptive" command under Fritz 8 - it seems to cause problems, Check to see if you a crafty.rc file and delete the line that has "adaptive xxx xxx xxx etc"

I also went back to Intel 7 for optimizations and compilations. I believe they are faster than Intel 8.

1. Four new personalities – 2 GM’s Alekhine and Fine and fun personality’s – “krazy-kamakazi” and “adroit” .

“Alekhine” and “Fine” are a continuation of “krafty gm personalities” honoring great GM’s that have played the game.

“krazy-kamakazi” will attack for no reason at all – children/beginners should be able to beat it.

“adroit” is a very cunning player – might play around 2000 to 2200 – but is beatable. Has great vision, but sometime mis-evaluates the pieces/position – thus missteps. Will play very aggressive and try to go for mating attacks – but sometimes, the mate and the win will not be there and then you will be in the driver’s seat – but don’t make a mistake!

3. There was an error in the personality code in version 19.7 SE only – new piece values were not being passed to the crafty engine when selecting a personality. This is now corrected


1. 19.07 Crafty Code by Bob Hyatt compiled with /DDETECTDRAW option - IMO , this the fastest solving Crafty ever on the WAC 300 - all 300 positions in 10 seconds on
my slow dual 1.7 Ghz

2. Two new personalities - Tal and Botvinnik. With the addition of these 2 personalities, there are now 28 different personalities, including the default Crafty "standard".

3. Now you when you select a personality, you will receive feedback that the personality is selected. Also, typing "krafty" at the command line will also provide which personality you are engaged with.

4. Modification of personality settings to vary the usage of time by personality. For example, the "Fischer" personality will move faster than the slower, deep thinking "Botvinnik'.

5. All of the previous SE enhancements, including the "delay move" feature that is used when you are playing a "dumb down personality" it will not move instantaneously, but will take the normal time as dictated by the level you have selected.

6. "standard" crafty is usually the strongest and I see no reason why this
would be different here based on the WAC300 test results - your mileage may

Here are some test results of WAC 300 with different personalities at 10
seconds per move, Crafty 19.7 SE, dual 1.7 Ghz, mt=2, win2k:

Personality Correct Total Nodes Searched


1. standard 300/300 93.9M
2. gm 300/300 96.4M
3. philidor 299/300 93.6M
4. nimzovitch 299/300 98.7M
5. capabalanca 299/300 101.4M
6. byrne 299/300 102.3M
7. fischer 299/300 103.5M
8. stein 299/300 106.6M
9. tal 298/300 108.1M
10. petrosian 297/300 117.3M
11. botvinik 297/300 125.3M
12. expert 252/300 23.4M
13. player 196/300 4.7M
15. fish 30/300 .2M
Enclosed is another update with new "Fischer" personality. Fischer played to virtual dead heat against Ruffian 1.0.5 in 5 minute chess on my machine. All the personalities have the enhance pawn extensions to discover these moves quickly – I have not tested each personality on these problems. Other “personalities” may even be faster. The “Fischer” personality did have the best score against Ruffian 1.0.5 on my machine – your mileage may differ.

The first two problems arose in this game . Most public sources have the original games core wrong - even CI #3 - see my notes below after 68. Kh2. 68.Kh2 is the correct move played in the game. Move 68. Kh1 was not played in the game which is the move indicated in all databases that I have. GM Andy Soltis noted this in his column in the current issue of Chess Life (Sept 03).

[Event "New York 3/466"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "1967.??.??"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Bisguier, A."]
[Black "Fischer, R."]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "B50"]
[Annotator "Milic,B"]
[PlyCount "148"]
[EventDate "1967.??.??"]

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. c3 Nf6 4. Bd3 Nc6 5. Bc2 Bg4 6. d3 g6 7. Nbd2 Bg7 8. h3 Bd7 9. O-O O-O 10. Nh2 b5 11. f4 b4 12. Nc4 d5 13. Ne5 bxc3 14. bxc3 dxe4 15. dxe4 Nxe5 16. fxe5 Ne8 17. Nf3 Nc7 18. Rf2 Bb5 19. Bg5 Qxd1+ 20. Rxd1 Rfe8 21. Bb3 c4 22. Bc2 Ne6 23. Be3 Reb8 24. Rb1 a6 25. Rff1 Be8 26. Kf2 Nd8 27. Rxb8 Rxb8 28. Rb1 Rb5 29. Rxb5 axb5 30. Ke2 h6 31. Kd2 g5 32. h4 g4 33. Nd4 e6 34. Bf4 h5 35. Bg5 Nb7 36. Bf6 Bh6+ 37. Bg5 Bxg5+ 38. hxg5 Kg7 39. Ke3 Kg6 40. Kf4 Nc5 41. g3 Bd7 42. a3 Be8 43. Bb1 Na4 44. Ne2 Nb2 45. Nd4 Nd1 46. Ne2 Nf2 47. Ke3 Nh3 48. Nf4+ Kxg5 49. Ng2 f6 50. exf6 Kxf6 51. Nh4 e5 52. Bc2 Bd7 53. Bb1 Ng5 54. Bc2 Nf7 55. Bb1 Nh8 56. Bc2 Ng6 57. Nxg6 Kxg6 58. Kf2 Kg5 59. Kg2 h4 60. Kh2 h3 61. Kg1 Kf6 62. Kh2 Ke7 63. Kg1 Kd6 64. Kf2 Kc5 65. Kg1 Kb6 66. Kh1 Ka5 67. Kg1 Bc6 68. Kh2

{ most sources have the game score as 68.Kh1 , which loses immediately to Bxe4.

Fischer did not miss this move the first time around. 68....Bb7! creates zugzwang and wins against any black response. This was noted by GM Soltis in this month's [Sept 03] Chess Life} 68… Bb7 69. Kg1 Bxe4 70. Bxe4 Ka4 71. Bf5 Kb3 72. Bxg4 e4 73. Bxh3 Kxc3 74. g4 Kd2 0-1

“ Fischer”solves two moves made by Bobby Fischer relatively quickly.

Note : 19.7 SE now solves this problem in 5 seconds on my machine. It was 28 seconds in the previous version.

1st Problem

Bisguier,A - Fischer,R 1967
Dual 1.7 Ghz P4 Xeon SMP=2
White(1):[d]8/1b6/8/kp2p3/2p1P1p1/P1P3Pp/2B5/6K1 b - - 0 1 bm Bxe4!

2nd Problem
Bisguier,A - Fischer,R 1967
White(2): [d]8/8/2b5/kp2p3/2p1P1p1/P1P3Pp/2B4K/8 b - - 0 1 ; bm Bb7!
(Note Crafty 19.7 sees it is winning in 16 seconds on my machine and plays Bb7 instantaneously (Ba8 , also wins, Bd7 draws!).

The “fischer” personality also improved upon the solution time for this problem mentioned in earlier version.

(Crafty 19.7 solves this position in 18 seconds on my machine)

[d]8/kp6/P5p1/2p1p3/2PpP3/3P3Q/4q3/6K1 b - - 0 1 ;bm Qe3+


Attached is the latest modified Crafty 19.04 Special Edition (SE #2) Package.

The package includes the latest executable of modified Crafty 19.04 SP (Special) and all the Fritz 8 files and folders to use the different Crafty personalities. You may also replace Fritz 8 with any Chessbase engine that has the Fritz 7 or 8 GUI - Shredder 6/7, Junior 8 (not 7) and Hiarcs 8 and Tiger 15 (Chessbase) all work. These files should also work in Arena and Chesspartner - by right now I use mostly Fritz 8 GUI. The SE folder even lets you set your own settings. If you come up with a good settings let me know and I may incorporate it in the next release.

There are now 3 methods to “dummy down” Crafty :
sd=xx --- very easy to use – fairly big jumps between levels. Endgame play suffers as that requires depth. Usually almost instantaneous responses up until ply 7 or 8 depending on the position on a high end machine. Limited number of levels.

Select a “fun” krafty personality – based on search depth above , plus non-standard krafty settings. Uses all the clock, simulating a more human like response in time usage.

Select any personality – strong/gm/fun and set the “intensity” command (see below). Based on 10,000 units, an intensity command will of 5,000 will use only half the clock time for thinking – while using the balance of the clock time with no further searching before making it’s move. Two advantages over “search depth” – literally 10,000 different levels – incrementing in jumps of 50% will be like stepping up a half a class in strength. Automatically adapts to any time control you select. This is also better for endgames while reducing strength as the search will not artificially stop at a very low search depth, as it is based on time usage and not search depth


Level : "fish"

Fish plays a 1 ply search - which in some case is still too strong for
beginners. So in this case, the piece values are all the value within 1 point (pawn) of each other, but they are still in the correct order - that is queen is still rate the highest . This setting is for children or “brand new” adult chess players.

Level GM – “Philidor” In honor of the legendary French player.

Command “intensity” Accepts value of 1 to 10,000 with 10,000 being full strength. I estimate in game/10 , the value of 50 is around 1500/1600 on my machine. Value of 1 is probably near 1200 –1300. Use the fish or pawngrabber levels for weaker than 1200. If you select “25” Crafty will just 25/10,0000 of it’s allocated time (or 1/400). It's incorporated with the previous developed "dm" or Delay move function so even though it's weaker power - it will still use ALL of it's allocated time - ( if you are like me and

do not enjoy instantaneous responses from a "dumbed down program" and you have high-end machine - you will enjoy this option). It's compatible with all the other engine options as well.

Command “beta” – to set the root alpha.beta window size – anywhere from –10000 to 10000. –10,000 seems to offer slight improvement. Crafty self adjusts the window size almost immediately anyway – I am not sure why this works – is it random ?

(Update – defaults are set back to 40)

Command “lazy” parameters 0-5– set like an extension “ext lazy 1” – it multplies the default lazy exit parameter by its value. I had good success using “2” as a setting. Under the Fritz GUI, all extensions the wb2uci.eng file are set using “uci from 0-60 with 60 being full ply extension., 30 being half ply etc.


u check 60 = 1 ply

u recapture etc.

then for lazy:

u lazy 300 equals 5x default value for lazy exit.

Crafty SE has several commands not in regular Crafty:

“krafty ” e.g. “krafty morphy” this is how set the personality from the command line. It is much easier to set everything from the Fritz 8 GUI. (Update: Arena works fine too!)

“dm” (delay move) - Ideally used with a search depth set to -- say to 3. Normally

Crafty will move instantly with “sd=3”. With delay move on, Crafty will still search only 3 plies - but it will use all the time as it would normally. If you are like me and get annoyed by instantaneous response while trying to play Crafty at a weaker level, you will like this option. You can use it with ANY time control - it will adjust automatically.

"value" command to set different values for the pieces.

A new extension setting is "start_depth", it works like other ext commands "ext start .5" sets the start deoth extension @ 1/2 ply -- which is the default from the console of crfaty.rc file. In F8, you may add a spin option to change start_depth from 0 to 60 , with 30 being the equivalent of 1/2 ply or the default. In F8, the command line is:

Start extension=u start|spin|30|0|60.

....Also included are all the Fritz 8 "eng" folders and files. You will need to modify to suit your directory setup. I included specific personality settings as engines as well the SE folder. The SE engine lets you select a personality from the GUI. In addition, I have modified the eng files to allow the user to select their own null move settings.

No crafty.rc file is required - you can modify the eng file to suit your own taste. It will; however, accept a crafty.rc file if that is your preference.
Michael Byrne

Re: Crafty 19.08 SE 2004 released ...

Postby Michael Byrne » 01 Jan 2004, 17:36

Geschrieben von: / Posted by: Michael Byrne at 01 January 2004 17:36:40:
Als Antwort auf: / In reply to: Crafty 19.08 SE 2004 released ... geschrieben von: / posted by: Michael Byrne at 01 January 2004 17:35:14:

If you are not on this mailing list and would like to receive the executable or
source - email me with the word "include" in the subject heading to be added to
the executable list and "source" in the subject heasding to be added to the
source mailing list,
If you put "exectuable and source" , you will get both the exectuable and source
in two separate mailings. The excutable will always come first, the source will
be sent anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days later. Simply type
remove to deleted from all mailing lists. You will always be "bcc" on the
executable mailing and my mailing list is shared with no one. The source email
list will be shared with the other "source" subscribers. This maybe useful in
sharing programming ideas about Crafty . In addition, Leo's crafty page will
also carry the latest edition - but that will always take a day or two before
you see it there. E-mailing is the fastest way to get it, and it also saves
Leo's bandwidth.
Also, I have to disable NUMA to compile under MSVC. Sorry about that.
Michael Byrne
Michael Byrne

Leo - check your mail box

Postby Michael Byrne » 01 Jan 2004, 22:45

Geschrieben von: / Posted by: Michael Byrne at 01 January 2004 22:45:39:
Als Antwort auf: / In reply to: Crafty 19.08 SE 2004 released ... geschrieben von: / posted by: Michael Byrne at 01 January 2004 17:35:14:

I had sent you a mixed up zipped file - this one is better for your website.
Those on the mailist can use the same files as in the previous zipped file - but your website should have the comeplete and correct package,
Michael Byrne

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