Shredder Classic 1.1 available!

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Shredder Classic 1.1 available!

Postby Ingo Bauer » 06 Oct 2004, 22:08

Geschrieben von:/Posted by: Ingo Bauer at 06. October 2004 23:08:

At and you can download an update to
the version 1.1 of the Shredder Classic GUI!
The new version has the ability to download future updates directly from the
Internet and some minor changes to the GUI!
The new Shredder Classic Engine is more intelligent and can be tested for 30
days without limitations!
Have fun
Ingo Bauer
PS: The Shredder Classic GUI supports WB I as well!
PPS: I hope it is ok to post this here. If not, pls delete it!
Ingo Bauer

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