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analysis display quirk

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2008, 18:45
by F. Bluemers
During the modification of polyglot,making multipv analysis usable in winboard,I noticed a small issue.
To decide when to clear the engine output window,winboard checks the current depth of the search.If it gets below from what was seen,it clears.
Makes sense.
However,there is a small conflict with the "Periodic Update" feature(the famous "." command from the gui).If the engine responds and the depth for the move to report is lower from what was seen ,the display will also be cleaned.(note that the response would be printed in the window title bar,not in the window itself)
This happens a lot when in multipv mode.
I don't now how much this is an issue for normal winboard engines.
If it is,winboard should disregard the depth reported in "stat01 ...."lines