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WinBoard beta versions

Postby hgm » 05 Feb 2010, 17:05

Next to the stable versions described above, there is a WinBoard / XBoard development version. It is likely to be less stable, but it has many more features. For instance a seek graph, that can be used to easily challenge opponents on an ICS, the possibility to peek at your bughouse partner's game while you are playing, an upload command for games to the ICS, and smart-move. Such WinBoard versions have a name derived from the date they were made, like WinBoard 4.20100215. Eventually, these features will end up in a stable version, after they have been sufficiently tested. For an exhaustive description of the new features, and how to use them, see: .

This version (WinBoard 4.20100222) is now available as Windows installer, which contains a minimal install tailored to ICS users. It contains timeseal and timestamp, the Fairy-Max engine, Polyglot 1.4.56b, the help files, and a prepared winboard.ini settings file that makes it all work 'out of the box' . It will create menu items for connecting to FICS and ICC, playing against Fairy-Max and the general WinBoard startup dialog, plus a README file that explain how to use the new ICS features (seek graph, observing your bughouse partner's game, one-click move and chat boxes) must be used.

Seek graph that appears in ICS play after clickcing the board

The hottest (but sometimes buggy) sources can also be obtained from nubati.

The command to upload games is in the Atction menu
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