Janus or Jani?

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Janus or Jani?

Postby Harry » 13 Feb 2011, 13:51

or is winboard a janus?

a test:

you start winboard and get the startup dialog
you select a machine
the machine starts and featured the feature:
feature variants="normal,nocastle,capablanca,janus,andperhapsothervariants"
in the "new variant" menu you select janus
winboard displays a "Fatal Error" messagebox with the text: Board size 10x8+0 not supported by...

if the engine starts with:
feature variants="normal,nocastle,capablanca,10x8+0_janus"
or something like this:
feature variants="normal,nocastle,capablanca,janus,10x8+0_janus"
then it works fine.

I think the "stand alone" variant janus does not exist.
Is this a feature or an error?

And sorry for my terrible English.
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Re: Janus or Jani?

Postby H.G.Muller » 13 Feb 2011, 17:46

This is a bug, thank you for reporting. Apparently I forgot to include Janus Chess in the list of exceptions to the 8x8 board size, so that WB thinks the 10x8 board that is set by default is non-standard for this variant, and prefixes it with the board size. I will fix it for 4.5.1, which will appear soon. As I know no engine that actually plays Janus Chess, I did not test this, which makes it easy for bugs like this to go unnoticed.
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