And one more suggestion, while I'm in the mood...

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And one more suggestion, while I'm in the mood...

Postby EdCollins » 27 Mar 2012, 02:50

A few months ago I was asked if WinBoard had an option to set up a different sound when a piece is captured.

To clarify, when paying against an engine or an ICS opponent, if your opponent captured one of your pieces, the user would hear a different sound, if desired, than the sound the user heard when the engine or ICS opponent made a non-capturing move.

I told him no, I didn't believe that was possible.

Now, I don't have a need for this myself, but apparently other interfaces have this option and some user's like it.

If so, a new setting in the ini file could be something like:


right next to /SoundMove.

If the user doesn't wish to hear a different sound, they would simply leave /SoundCapture blank (or specify the same sound as SoundMove).
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