Problems wiht tournaments under Winboard 4.7.1!

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Problems wiht tournaments under Winboard 4.7.1!

Postby sdchess » 23 May 2013, 05:13

When I start a tournament under Winboard 4.7.1 with Discocheck 4.2SSE GUI crashes very often. In addition, there is a problem and TeleSpace v1.2. He is not playing black. My operating system is Windows 7 64x.
Thank you, SDchess
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Re: Problems wiht tournaments under Winboard 4.7.1!

Postby H.G.Muller » 23 May 2013, 08:48

You will have to be more specific. What do you mean bt 'the GUI crashes'? Does it throw up an error pupup for a fatal error (and if so, what does it say)? Dus it just suddenly exit?

Do you have a winboard.debug file of a session where the problem occurs? If TeleSpace 1.2 does not start in any game where it has black, this should be easy to make (run WinBoard with the -debug option).
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