Syzygy bases use in Winboard (Xboard)?

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Syzygy bases use in Winboard (Xboard)?

Postby sdchess » 12 Oct 2014, 08:15

Why can not I connect Syzygy bases?
I correct winboars47.ini
/ defaultPathEGTB = "SyzygyPath = C: \ SBases_345"
/ adapterCommand = 'polyglot -noini -ec "% fcp" -ed "% fd" -uci NalimovCache =% defaultCacheSizeEGTB -uci GaviotaTbCache =% defaultCacheSizeEGTB -uci SyzygyTbCache =% defaultCacheSizeEGTB'
and point the way to bases in polyglot Houdini_4_Pro_w32.ini for polyglot
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Re: Syzygy bases use in Winboard (Xboard)?

Postby H.G.Muller » 12 Oct 2014, 08:45

As far as I know there isn't such a aoption in UCI as SyzygyTbCache, as Syzygy EGTs do not use a cache.

The option /defaultPathEGTB is a legacy option only used for Nalimov. It should be defined as empty string. The modern way to do it is through /egtFormats, where you can define the paths for all known and yet-to-be-invented formats as a comma-separated list, with the EGT type as prefix:


You can simply type that string in the Common Engine Options EGT path text entry field; WinBoard is smart enough to detect if what you type has prefixes (it won't consider C: a prefix), and based on that decide if it was the new value for /egtFormats or for /defaultPathEGTB.

Btw, writing "SyzygyPath =" in /defaultPathEGTB would never work, not even if you wrote "NalimovPath =". It just must contain the value of the option, and Polyglot will know the standard UCI option for the flavors nalimov, scorpio and syzygy. This all goes through the WB interface, through the 'egtpath' command of WB protocol, so there isn't any need to change the Polyglot command line. (There is no equivalent in WB protocol for EGT cache-size options, as WB engines can use their memory quota in whatever way the feel is best.)

Be sure to use a Polyglot that does support Syzygy bases. I am not sure 2.0.1 does.
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