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Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2014, 00:40
by Josh Pettus
Superseded by 4.9.0

XBoard 4.8.0d
For OSX 10.6+ (64bit)

XBoard 4.8 for OSX can be downloaded as an .app bundle from here. It is all self-contained with GTK2 running directly through quartz (OSX's native graphic api).
Just copy to wherever you want on the hard drive. For the ICS scripts to work, be sure to keep them in the same folder.


This bundle contains all essential support programs, such as Polyglot and timeseal, pre-installed and ready to run. It contains two demo engines, a native XBoard engine (Fairy-Max 4.8) and a UCI engine (Fruit 2.1) and, as a bonus, links to the Xboard engine Sjeng (Which is already installed on OSX within the built-in The 4.8 bundle also contains engines for playing Xiangqi (Maxqi, Haqikid, and Eleeye *UCCI*), Shogi (GnuShogi and Shokidoki), and Chu Shogi (HaChu) plus other variants. Also regarding variants, supports other dialects of UCI protocol for variant engines (i.e. UCCI, USI and Cyclone UCI) through the UCI2WB adapter included. *Make sure you are in the appropriate variant before loading such an engine* Also, it now includes HGM's pseudo engine for peer to peer networking which can be used with almost any variant (including custom ones).

For ICS play, the bundle includes launching scripts preset for FICS (Free Internet Chess Server), ICC (Internet Chess Club), and HGM's variant server.

XBoard_4.8.0_OSX_Intel.dmg (14mb)

Changes since 4.7.3 bundle for OSX.

-Fixed many, many bugs and rough edges smoothed out
-Pid command is no longer slaved to default pieces directory. The app now accesses that directly.
-Pixbuf icons now work for Engine Output window and doc icon manipulation.
-XBoard's localization features now fully implemented

Native OSX Engines:

For CECP and UCI engines already compiled for OSX, check out Julian Marcel's website!

Windows Engines on OSX:

You can use wine to run Windows chess engines in! (or any other UI for that matter)

By far the easiest method of installing wine is to simply download this wineskin engine (Although it is meant for Wineskin apps, it is a complete installation of wine with all necessary libraries placed in a convenient bundle and supports OSX 10.6) ... .51.tar.7z

Extract this file completely (Use TheUnarchiver, or something similar, for the 7zip decompression) and you will get a file called wswine.bundle.

Place this in your Documents folder or wherever you prefer.

Next, launch and go to the Engines -> Edit Engine List... window. You can add engines by manually typing them in like so:

Code: Select all
"Engine" -fcp "~/Documents/wswine.bundle/bin/wine /Directory/to/Engine/Engine.exe" -fd "/Directory/to/Engine" -fUCI (if UCI engine)

Or if you want to be able to select the engine in your Engine -> Load 1st/2nd Engine Dialog, you can also create a textfile with no extension and add the -fcp information there. i.e.:

Code: Select all
~/Documents/wswine.bundle/bin/wine /Directory/to/Engine/Engine.exe

Then, select the script as if it were a native engine in the Load Engine dialog.

The first time you launch an engine, wine will try to configure itself and the engine may fail. Hit cancel to any Wine Gecko install popup, and relaunch the engine. It should then run on the next launch.

Note!: Wine64 is extremely experimental! The bundle supports 64 bit to a limited capacity. Some 64 bit engines may work, others may not... 32 bit engines will have much more common success.

XBoardSg 4.8.0d - Shogi Edition
For OSX 10.6+ (64bit)


This is a version of the configured for Shogi. It contains all the same Shogi equipment as the regular, having all the features of the regular app including localization, plus a few extra things that would have made the app either cumbersome or large for people uninterested in Shogi.

This Includes:
-The Bonanza engine which usually ranks among the top most powerful engines in Shogi. It has been made into an XBoard engine thanks to Harm Geert Muller and supports analysis.
-Extra script to launch for 5x5 mini shogi, in which H.G. Muller's Shokidoki won the gold medal at the 2013 Computer Olympiad.
-UCI2WB as a USI adapter

Note: So far, GPSShogi is the only known USI engine compiled for OSX. Curiously, they put it in an app bundle despite being a command line unix executable. To install, I find the app must be put in the /Applications folder so it can find its resources. After that, just point to the MacOS folder inside the gpsfish app for firstDirectory, select gpsfish for firstChessProgram, and finally check USI in the Load New 1st/2nd Engine dialog

Note2: Most Shogi USI engines are windows only. See the wine installation instructions above to get a few of these running on OSX. If it uses USI protocol, add -fUSI to the engine line or use the UCCI/USI checkbox in the load 1st/2nd engine window.

XBoardSg_4.8.0_OSX_Intel.dmg (62mb)

XBoardXq 4.8.0d - Xiangqi Edition
For OSX 10.6+ (64bit)


This is a version of the configured for Xiangqi. It contains all the same Xiangqi equipment as the regular but replaces polyglot with UCI2WB for use with the Cyclone dialect of UCI (Should a UCI Xiangqi engine ever be compiled for OSX). It also supports UCCI through UCI2WB.

Note: Most Xiangqi engines are windows only. See the wine installation instructions above to get some of these working on OSX. If it uses the UCCI protocol, add -fUCCI to the engine line or use the UCCI/USI checkbox in the load 1st/2nd engine window.


Re: Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2014, 18:29
by Richard Allbert
Thanks for your effort with this!

Just so you know, I'm using 10.9.5 and the checkboxes still do not show in the menus.


Re: Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2014, 20:25
by Josh Pettus
Thanks, saw your post on the talk chess thread.

Re: Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2014, 05:58
by Josh Pettus
Due to logistics and delays, a few more bugfixes managed to make their way into 4.8.0. And so I'm re-uploading the package and dubbing it 4.8.0a (not to be confused with Winboard package 4.8.0a or 4.8.0b)

The main thing though is this new package removes the OSX style gtk theme and reverts to the default theme that is built into gtk2. Some people were having issues with the OSX theme and would not display checkmarks. If you were having issues with this, please download the package again.

Also Fairymax has been updated to 4.8V fixing a critical bug that was stopping it from playing at full strength.

Re: Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 30 Oct 2014, 06:47
by Josh Pettus 4.8.0b has been uploaded (No real relation to Winboard a or b)

-Added UCI2WB - Supports UCI, USI and UCCI for use with variant engines. (make sure you are in the appropriate variant before loading said engine)
-Added Eleeye - A very strong Xiangqi engine and the reference implementation for UCCI protocol
-Bug fixed by HGM - When quitting from the menu, as oppose to closing the main board window, xboard would end without going through its close process. This could possibly lead to engines hanging open, and not let xboard save its user settings in the conf file (Should have noticed this before... I so often close via the window, I never noticed a pattern. Sorry.)

Re: Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2014, 23:19
by Josh Pettus
Xboard 4.8.0c has been uploaded

-updated polyglot to 2.03 (bugfix release)
-changed the way man and info pages were loaded (old method was rather cumbersome with gatekeeper)
-Added HGM's peer to peer network engine. - Allows two GUIs supporting xboard/winboard/cecp protocol to be connected to each other over the network. For more info, check

Re: Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2014, 06:49
by Josh Pettus
As an early Christmas gift to all the 10.6 diehards, Snow Leopard is now supported again!

To get around xcode blocking me, I finally installed 10.6 on a virtual machine, with Xcode3, and built xboard app in that. This will still work in all newer OS versions.

Re: Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2014, 23:21
by Josh Pettus
I had a silent update of the bundles, putting in a Mac gtk theme taken from the GIMP app bundle. Since they use the same license as us. The default one is pretty ugly :). There isn't any pixbuff stuff so hopefully no chance of missing items.

@H.G. I sent you an email with 3 patches including this one.

Re: Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2014, 21:48
by Josh Pettus
Shot myself in the foot.. I used the ip address for fics, so when they moved their server, it broke.
Xboard App 4.8.0d
-fixes launcher
-Reimplemented a Mac gtk2 theme

Re: Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 30 Aug 2015, 04:27
by Josh Pettus
Updated the wine install information, since there is now a convenient way to get a few 64 bit windows engines running. Your results may vary, since it's very experimental.

Re: Xboard OSX 4.8 Downloads

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2015, 19:37
by Josh Pettus
I've gone and updated the ICS launching scripts to be a little smarter. (Now that I'm a little smarter about shell scripting) Now if the app isn't in the same folder as the script, it will search in the "registry" for the appropriate directory. Xboard itself is still the same.