Gettext loacaliztion missing gtk/xoption.c strings

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Gettext loacaliztion missing gtk/xoption.c strings

Postby Josh Pettus » 17 Dec 2014, 07:34

I put a message on the xboard dev list but it must have been missed. With the new french localization file I noticed a flaw in all of the localization po files. There is no mention of the gtk/xoption.c strings. Only xaw/xoption.c ones. I even see it twice on a few of them. Was one of those suppose to be gtk instead? I suppose it should be a relatively simple fix as the translations are already there for the most part. Give me a couple of days, I'll be happy to go through it and make a patch. But whatever string file we sent to the translation project should be updated as well.

Quick question, but I'll probably figure it out by the time you read this. Does the number after each source file correspond to line in the code?
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