menus.c keybind

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menus.c keybind

Postby F. Bluemers » 07 Sep 2015, 18:02

On my laptop advancing to the next position (or going to the previous ) from a file will not work with the standard keybindings.
There is a keypad sharing nums with "home","page up" etc. Using with shift will return a number,for example 9 instead of <shift>pageUp.
I now use the left and right arrow keys (with shift):
Code: Select all
//  {N_("Next Position"),        "<Shift>Page_Down", "LoadNextPosition",     LoadNextPositionProc},
//  {N_("Prev Position"),        "<Shift>Page_Up",   "LoadPreviousPosition", LoadPrevPositionProc},
  {N_("Next Position"),        "<Shift>Right", "LoadNextPosition",     LoadNextPositionProc},
  {N_("Prev Position"),        "<Shift>Left",   "LoadPreviousPosition", LoadPrevPositionProc},

This works but I have no idea is shift+left or shift+right has no usage (elsewere) in xboard so it might not be optimal.
F. Bluemers
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