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Xboard OSX 4.9 Downloads

PostPosted: 15 May 2016, 20:52
by Josh Pettus
XBoard 4.9.1a
For OSX 10.6+ (64bit)

XBoard 4.9 for OSX can be downloaded as an app bundle from here. It is all self-contained with GTK2 running directly through quartz (OSX's native graphic API).
Just copy to wherever you want on the hard drive.


This bundle contains all essential support programs, such as Polyglot and timeseal, pre-installed and ready to run. It contains two demo engines, a native XBoard engine (Fairy-Max 5.0b) and a UCI engine (Fruit 2.1) and, as a bonus, links to the Xboard engine Sjeng (Which is already installed on OSX within the built-in The 4.9 bundle also contains engines for playing Xiangqi (Maxqi, Haqikid, and Eleeye *UCCI*), Shogi (GnuShogi and Shokidoki), and Chu Shogi (HaChu) plus other variants. Also regarding variants, supports other dialects of UCI protocol for variant engines (i.e. UCCI, USI and Cyclone UCI) through the UCI2WB adapter included. *Make sure you are in the appropriate variant before loading such an engine* Also, it now includes HGM's pseudo engine for peer to peer networking which can be used with almost any variant (including custom ones).

For ICS play, the bundle includes launching scripts preset for FICS (Free Internet Chess Server), ICC (Internet Chess Club), and HGM's variant server.

XBoard_4.9.1a_OSX_Intel.dmg (49mb)

Changes since 4.8.0 bundle for OSX:

Checkout What's New

-Includes new Textures and Themes packs created by myself, Harm Geert Muller, Gorgonian et al. (Located in themes and textures folders in the "places" section of their respective texture dialog box)
-Updated Timeseal for FICS to Timeseal2
-Updated Fairymax 5.0b, UCI2WB, and other included binaries
-Replace bash script ICS launchers with XBoard's own .xop files. (Using terminal is no longer necessary for ICS)
-Move keyboard shortcuts away from the system-wide text editing shortcuts (⌘-A, ⌘-C, ⌘-V, ⌘-X)
-Fullscreen mode no longer crashes on El Capitan (GTK+ Update)
-Save settings on quitting through the menu in OSX App.
-Fix behavior on case-sensitive OS X file systems.
-Fix creation of spurious XBoard instances on OS X

Changes Since 4.9.0 for OSX:

-Various bugfixes

Changes for 4.9.1a

-Fix internal gtk install and image switching now works as intended


XBoardSg 4.9.1a - Shogi Edition
For OSX 10.6+ (64bit)


This is a version of the configured for Shogi. It contains all the same Shogi equipment as the regular, having all the features of the regular app including localization, plus a few extra things that would have made the app either cumbersome or large for people uninterested in Shogi.

This Includes:
-The Bonanza engine which usually ranks among the top most powerful engines in Shogi. It has been made into an XBoard engine thanks to Harm Geert Muller and supports analysis.
-Harm Geert Muller's exellent shogi engine shokidoki
-GNUShogi adapted to run as an XBoard engine.
-UCI2WB as a USI adapter

Note: So far, GPSShogi is the only known USI engine compiled for OSX. Curiously, they put it in an app bundle despite being a command line unix executable. To install, I find the app must be put in the /Applications folder so it can find its resources. After that, just point to the MacOS folder inside the gpsfish app for firstDirectory, select gpsfish for firstChessProgram, and finally check USI in the Load New 1st/2nd Engine dialog

Note2: Most Shogi USI engines are windows only. It is possible to use Wine to get a few of these running on OSX. Just run the engine with the syntax "wine engine.exe" as the launching command. If it uses USI protocol, add -fUSI to the engine line or use the UCCI/USI checkbox in the load 1st/2nd engine window.

XBoardSg_4.9.1a_OSX_Intel.dmg (65mb)


For those who would like to try the latest changes in the hgm branch, you can try that here.

XBoard_HGM_20171102_OSX_Intel.dmg (41mb)

Re: Xboard OSX 4.9 Downloads

PostPosted: 25 Jul 2016, 13:00
by JustinZed
The app crashes when I start it under El Capitan 10.11.6 on a MacBook Pro Retina 15" (AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB). Any ideas on how to get it to work?

7/24/16 11:58:34.000 AM kernel[0]: hfs: mounted XBoard_4.9.0_OSX_Intel on device disk2s1
7/24/16 11:58:34.871 AM mds[65]: (Volume.Normal:2464) volume:0x7fbc0e03c000 ********** Bootstrapped Creating a default store:1 SpotLoc:(null) SpotVerLoc:(null) occlude:0 /Volumes/XBoard_4.9.0_OSX_Intel
7/24/16 11:58:48.226 AM[1]: ([37416]) Service exited due to signal: Killed: 9
7/24/16 12:03:27.993 PM[1]: ([37506]) Service exited due to signal: Killed: 9

Re: Xboard OSX 4.9 Downloads

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2016, 06:02
by Josh Pettus
Not sure, Not really enough info there to figure out why your OS sent a kill signal. All I can say is it works for me on the same OS with a 5 year older MacBook Pro. I imagine quite a few others got it working aswell as I haven't got any other reports. I just uploaded 4.9.1, maybe that binary will work for you?

Re: Xboard OSX 4.9 Downloads

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2016, 15:16
by JustinZed
Not sure what was wrong before, but the 4.9.1 binary is working for me. Thanks!

Re: Xboard OSX 4.9 Downloads

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2016, 19:57
by Josh Pettus
Np! The best bugs are the ones no one has to do anything to fix! :D Glad it's working!

Re: Xboard OSX 4.9 Downloads

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2017, 17:28
by Koester
Josh Petetus wrote:Np! The best bugs are the ones no one has to do anything to fix! :D Glad it's working!

Thanks for getting it working Josh!

Re: Xboard OSX 4.9 Downloads

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2018, 17:31
by apetresc
Is there any way to associate the bundle (either the normal one or the Shogi one) with .PGN files? I can load them just fine by opening them from a running Xboard instance through the File menu, but if I try to load it in any of the MacOS-y ways (dragging a PGN onto the dock icon, setting up a file assocation, or even using `open /Applications/ /path/to/game.pgn`, it doesn't work (XBoard still opens, but it doesn't make any attempt to load the file).

Am I missing something, or is this just not possible to do with the normal GTK APIs?

Re: Xboard OSX 4.9 Downloads

PostPosted: 30 Jun 2018, 02:42
by Josh Pettus
Hi, so sorry. It's been a while since I've been to this board. I'll be honest. My Mac laptop gave up the ghost, and my Hackentosh kinda blew up and for what ever reason I couldn't reinstall the OS...So I gave up and installed linux. I haven't touched OSX in a while. But from what I remember. is suppose to take ownership of .fen, .xop, and .png files. Only the silly built in already has ownership of .png, which is why it's messing up for you. I think you just have to right click, click properties and change xboard to be the associated application for the file type. I do know it is possible to work like you want as it did on my system, but you might have to massage it a bit.