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Janggi Cannon is not working on Winboard

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2021, 19:10
by Snowmoondaphne

A piece of c2 square is Janggi's Cannon. Betza is pR. But this piece does not work on Winboard. Is there any reason for that?

Re: Janggi Cannon is not working on Winboard

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2021, 10:40
by H.G.Muller
This cannot be judged from only looking at a screenshot. The only thing that is obvious here is that WinBoard does not think the 6-pointed star moves as Betza pR. But since pR would not be the built-in move for this piece, why should it think so? In other words, what exactly are you doing here? For all I know WinBoard could be in Edit Position mode here (where it never highlights moves), or highlighting target squares could be switched off.

It would already help if you would run WinBoard with 'Additional option' -debug . Then it will create a file winboard.debug in its folder, and you can post that here. Then I can see what engine you are running, and what commands the engine sent to WinBoard, and whether there is any command amongst that that would alter WinBoard's idea for how the start piece moves.