A not so nice christmas present

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A not so nice christmas present

Postby Volker Pittlik » 24 Dec 2004, 14:58

Today we got a official letter from our internet provider because I have accessed the Arena website. They threat us with the cancellation of our contract.

To make it clear: I only clicked on the links which have been posted here. I haven't done anything forbidden. (See: http://wbforum.volker-pittlik.name/viewtopic.php?t=1036.)

To avoid further trouble I made the following decisions. I've done this alone without dicussion with the other moderators:

1. Until the details have been clarified the Arena website is a forbidden word here. Links to that site will not work anymore. The word "playwithare..." will automatically be censored.

2. I expect a written apology from the webmaster of the Arena website.

3. Until then all members of the Arena team are banned here.

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