Engine updates this week.

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Engine updates this week.

Postby Leo Dijksman » 25 Dec 2004, 19:56

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Updated: Ufim v5.03 (Also UCI!)

Updated: Fruit v2.0
Updated: DanChess v1.07 SMP beta
Updated: LGpgnver v1.16 (tool to check game results!)
Updated: GES v1.32

Updated: GreKo v2.85 (Also Linux & FreeBSD)
Updated: Eagle v0.4.6a (UCI only!)

Updated: Eagle v0.4.6 (UCI only! Some bugs fixed!)

Updated: FindDraw v2.3
FindDraw ignores given game results and determines the following outcomes : - draw by lack of material, draw by 50 move rule, draw by 3-fold rep, draw by stalemate, mate (if no move played after the mate), developped at 800x600 screen resolution.

Updated: Surprise v4.2.1
Updated: AICE v0.85 (Also UCI and Linux!)
Updated: WBRGO 1.3 (Windows only!) and REGO 1.1 (all OS which support Java!) Download: FireFly, WBRGO and REGO
WBRGO and REGO are Chess viewers to follow games live when TD's broadcast them with Tommy's server!

Updated: Delphil v0.9j

Updated: Arion v1.1 (Also UCI!)

Updated: Zeus v1.04
Updated: Eagle v0.4.2 (UCI only! works also with PolyGlot now!)

Updated: NanoSzachy v1.6
Updated: Naum v1.5 (Also UCI!)

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