New version of TLCV and broadcast server

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New version of TLCV and broadcast server

Postby Thomas McBurney » 15 Jan 2005, 12:49

TLCV v2.01 is now available for download at

(Note: the viewer is backward compatible with older versions of the broadcast server)

Changes made to the Viewer:

Remembers settings. (eg. sound on/off etc)
- Miniboard shows more information including highlighting squares
- TLCV can now connect to broadcasts from the command line. Very useful for setting up short cuts to your favourite tournament.
- User can now move back and forward in the game without being interrupted by a new move.
- Reduced the size of the main window to fit in 800x600 screen.
- Connections to broadcasts are automatically remembered and stored in an easy to use menu.
- More stable. Error traps have been added to avoid crashing caused by bad out output from some engines and anti virus software momentarily preventing files from being accessible.
- Added new configurable menus for use by tournament directors.

Broadcast Server:

- Supports UCI protocol
- Better compatibility with Arena
- Fixed bugs with result table formating in certain circumstances.

Note to everyone who has a link on their web site to my TLCV web page. I have recently changed ISP and as a result my new web address for TLCV is now

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