Some administration info (messages to delete)

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Some administration info (messages to delete)

Postby Volker Pittlik » 20 Jan 2005, 14:23


Graham Banks asked me to delete messages from "his" thread which are obsolete after some games will be replayed. If no one complains I'll do that on saturday.

I didn't post much in the last time because I had some problems to type in the meantime (I had a little accident while skiing).

I want to finish an old annoying affair now:

1. The censoring of a certain website has been removed.
2. Vincent's account has been deleted on his own request.
3. Some accounts are still blocked and in additon it is not possible to register using certain names. If a concerned person would like to change that please contact me by mail. (Usernames as "Moderator", "Administrator" or names of living or dead GMs will not be allowed if you can't convince me you are the GM.)


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