[Moderation] About netiquette

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[Moderation] About netiquette

Postby Volker Pittlik » 18 Jul 2005, 13:18

During the last days I have noticed some messages posted here and nearly identical in almost every other chess forum (CCC, Arena, CSS, Schachwerkstatt and the forum of the upcoming FRC World Championship).

Considering the original meaning of "spam"
...Old Usenet convention defines spamming as excessive multiple posting, that is, the repeated posting of a message (or substantially similar messages)..., Wikipedia
this kind of messages are in general not appreciated in this forum.

In addition the resulting discussions (if any) didn't provide any progress in the problem field, but ended often in mutual personal attacks. And to make it even worse also persons who usually don't post at forums (or even can't read them as this one) have been attacked in an inacceptable way.

I hope there will be no need of further intervention about this issue. Also I hope if someone feels that there is any need for moderation he will contact the moderators instead of trying to be an assistant-moderator.


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