Glaurung beta testers wanted

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Glaurung beta testers wanted

Postby Tord Romstad » 29 Jul 2005, 00:24

Hi all,

Is there anybody who would like to test a new development version of Glaurung? I have a new experimental version with improved time management and several evaluation changes (I would like to say "improvements", but in some cases I am not quite sure yet). I think it is stronger than 0.2.4 at FRC, but I am less sure about normal chess.

If you want to run some tests, please use the personal message feature of this forum, or send an e-mail to on.oiu.htam@datsmor (written backwards in an attempt to confuse the spammers). I am interested in normal chess games as well as FRC games. For FRC, use the Shredder GUI or XBoard-960/Winboard-960 with the most recent PolyGlot beta. The time controls, hardware and choice of opponents are not very important.

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