Raffaela 0.11

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Raffaela 0.11

Postby Anonymous » 06 Aug 2005, 09:26

Raffaela 0.11.0 is now freely available from my site:


I plan to put there the 0.14 after a little debug as soon as possible. In 0.14 i've corrected some bugs on castling and added a simple form to choose wich piece to promote to, for human players (in engine/engine matches the promotion was right).

The 0.14 is still instable, for engine/engine matches, and i'm searching the bug that make it exit unexpectly. This error does'nt occurs in the actual 0.11 release.

If you add Raffaela to some match, please let me know (it is free to do it, i just want to know about the ELO you get). Thanks.

Stefano Gemma

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