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Welcome to the updated Winboard Forum

Postby Volker Pittlik » 24 Jan 2009, 08:18

Hi all!

As you see the forum software has been updated. To update it was inevitable for several reasons:

- there is no more official support for phpBB 2.x by the phpBB group
- I installed so much modifications in the old forum that even an security update was difficult to impossible
- The old forum was hacked. It was abused for spamming and there was an ultimate demand by the server hosting provider to change the forum software to the newest version.

Some features are not available at the moment for example to post diagrams and the threaded view. In general we will only install such modifications which are somehow associated which the phpBB group in the form that the mod has to be included in the phpBB mod database and there is no warning about it. Under these preconditions its likely that there will be a new diagram mod soon. The threaded view was never supported by phpBB and the support of the developers ended years ago. As far as I know there also is no mod to enable threaded view for this version of the forum software. Therefore it is unlikely to be re-enabled soon.

OTOH there are a lot of new features which you will find out soon and in total we think the update is a progress. Admins of other forums still using phpBB 2.x are suggested to keep a look at version 3.x. I'm really impressed of the functionality of the new admin panel.

During the conversion it may have happened that some passwords get lost and you can't log in. In that case please use the "forgotten password" function. In the (unlikely) case that doesn't work too (restriction of the mail function by the server hosting provider) please e-mail me me (vpittlik at gmail dot com). That may that some hours or even days so please be patient.


BTW: I was an admin here all the time using another account for admin tasks. Because I in fact doing the administration I'll use my normal account for it again from now on.
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