Plisk 0.0.6

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Plisk 0.0.6

Postby vladstamate » 09 Jul 2009, 15:09


I have updated Plisk to version 0.0.6 and put it on its website:

Plisk 0.0.6 is considerably improved over Plisk 0.0.5, I would say somewhere around 100Elo. This is the result of adding futility pruning ( in main search, since I already had delta pruning in QS) and check extension. The latter really improved the playing strength. But probably the biggest change is that I changed the move data from a C++ class to an int (wow, speak about big changes!). While that did not improve the playing strength in an obvious way, it made the code faster and had impact on many aspects of the engine. Also few bugs were crashed along the way.

Olivier, can you please grab this version for OpenWar?


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Re: Plisk 0.0.6

Postby Olivier Deville » 09 Jul 2009, 17:12

Hi Vlad

Thanks for the update, I have just upgraded Plisk :)

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