Found 2 New Engines: Protector and BDI Chess

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Re: Found 2 New Engines: Protector and BDI Chess

Postby RaimundHeid » 04 Sep 2009, 15:52

Teemu Pudas wrote:
Ron Murawski wrote:With all the accusations of Protector being a Toga/Fruit clone, I took a (very!) quick glance through some of the code. What I saw looked different to me. But the program design is certainly modeled on Toga/Fruit. Instead of being a direct descendant like a son or daughter, let's call it a cousin. But I'm not sure how distant of a cousin it might be...

The search is a straight copy of Toga. The differences:

- It doesn't use extensions in full_no_null()
- It doesn't check for 50-move draws in quiescence
- Slightly different extensions and history pruning and an additional condition for nullmove
- A different implementation of futility pruning

Okay, put this way, it sounds completely different. But it's almost identical when you read it. Including at least one bug. :?

Thank you for your interest in Protector, Teemu ;)

It does not make much sense to do a time-consuming check for 50-move-draws in the quiescence search: apart from the first two plies the quiescence search examines exclusively captures and promotions which suspend the 50-move-rule. It's not a bug, it's feature.

Kind regards

Raimund Heid

PS: In fact Toga also doesn't extend in the full_no_null() method (except for check moves), since this method is never called with pvnode=TRUE or with the player to move in check. It sounds completely different. But it's almost identical when you read it ;)
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Re: Found 2 New Engines: Protector

Postby hirdelgird » 05 Sep 2009, 11:59

hello Raimund

for your interest Protector take part in our tournament ... n_1_add_on

best to you
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