Analyzing Game

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Analyzing Game

Postby dlemper » 10 Mar 2016, 05:37

]Thanks so much to all the developers.
I've attempted unsuccessfully to analyze games.
Installed an engine. Moves entered.
Clicked on Mode > Analyze Game
All that results is an 11 ply analysis of last move.
Nothing appears in Evaluation Graph.
It seems to be a "position analysis" rather than game analysis.
What am I missing ? Other programs I've used in past
went through game backwards and output a graph of
scores at each half-move.

A minor question is : how to display board with column/row labeling ?
Thanks for anyone's kind assistance. David
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Re: Analyzing Game

Postby H.G.Muller » 11 Mar 2016, 10:57

You should position the game to the start first if you want to analyze the entire game. The game would be analyzed only from the current position to the end (or to whenever you abort the analysis). This to allow you to not waste any time on standard opening theory.

Also be sure to have a non-zero stepping time in the Load Game Options dialog; this setting determines how long every move is analyzed, and if it is zero the game would be stepped to the end before the engine can say anything on all earlier moves.

There is a checkbox 'Show coordinates' in the General Options dialog. The rank/file labels are normally displayed within the squares; with WinBoard you can select a display style with a rim around the board; in that case the labels will be displayed on the rim.
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