JaksaH v1.14

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JaksaH v1.14

Postby ajaksic » 11 Dec 2016, 22:15

New version of JaksaH v1.14 is available for download from https://sites.google.com/site/jaksahchess/

Here is what's new in this release:

• Added UCI support for Shredder, Fritz and HIARCS programs! Many thanks to both Mr. Norbert Raimund Leisner and Mr. Gábor Szőts for letting me know about JaksaH's incompatibility issues with all these programs, and then spending their time helping me test and troubleshoot JaksaH!
• Bug fixed: A pretty bad bug in JaksaH v1.13, which would play until Move #100, and then it would simply stop playing, losing every single game on time after that.
• Increased size of TT tables: Now JaksaH uses up to 50MB instead of 9-13MB used previously.

After talking to Gábor and assessing old JaksaH v1.12 CCRL 40/4 rating of 1850 we concluded that it might not be as accurate as currently reported since it was based on 30 games only. The more realistic rating for v1.12 might be in a range of 1650-1660, which should place JaksaH v1.14 (x64) in 1700+ area. Anyway, Gábor is going to continue testing the latest version of JaksaH, and might have new rating assessment in a week or so.

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