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GreKo 2016

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2016, 20:37
by Vladimir Medvedev

GreKo 2016

*** HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ***

(chg) * Search changes: tuning LMR and Nullmove reduction formulas.
(chg) * New terms in evaluation: piece-to-King tropism, strong and weak fields, etc.
(chg) * UCI handles for board control, mobility, pawns etc. replaced with single
parameter: PositionalKnowledge.
(chg) * Evaluation weights auto-tuned in self-play matches.
(chg) * Source code clean-up: removed unnecessary pseudo-OOP classes Search, Bitboard and Engine.
More procedural style of code: less verbose, easier to read and type.
(chg) * Fixed compiler warnings in gcc build.