New crazyhouse engine

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New crazyhouse engine

Postby H.G.Muller » 31 Dec 2016, 10:26

I released a new (WB) engine for playing chess variants with piece drops, such as Crazyhouse and Shogi, named CrazyWa. It currently supports Crazyhouse plus five Shogi variants: regular Shogi (9x9) mini-Shogi (5x5), Judkins' Shogi (6x6), Tori Shogi(7x7) and Wa Shogi (11x11). Strength in Crazyhouse is close to that of Sunsetter 7g.

A Windows executable can be downloaded from , an amd64 Linux binary from . Tori and Wa Shogi need more piece images than are built into WinBoard, the latter would have to use external piece images. So I also provide a package that has the latest development version of WinBoard, which can use external bitmaps with transparency, configured to use the XBoard pieces, and CrazyWa or Stockfish-variant as engine. This can be downloaded from .
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