entering multi-moves for Lion with HaChu engine

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entering multi-moves for Lion with HaChu engine

Postby evertVB » 30 Jan 2017, 08:08

After installing a version with HaChu I was not able to enter multi-moves with a Lion.
I've already received an answer and I'm sharing the information here:

Switch off "test legality" under General options in Winboard.
Then Winboard will leave the testing of legality to the engine, and only then the multi-moves will be allowed.
Then targets for a partial move will be marked in a different color.

Generally, pressing CTRL allows you to enter a partial move. Clicking the opponent's clock allows to pass a move - which is possible with a Lion on the board (Jitto).
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Re: entering multi-moves for Lion with HaChu engine

Postby H.G.Muller » 30 Jan 2017, 12:39

To make things really complicated:

Note that the version of WinBoard distributed with the Shogi Variants package (including HaChu) is not the standard version, but a fork known as 'the Alien Edition'. As the special features of this version (such as multi-leg move entry and built-in kanji) are all implemented in the WinBoard-specific code, so there doesn't exist an XBoard equivalent. This fork is close to becoming obsolete; it has ot been updated for many years. The described method applies to this version.

The standard version of WinBoard now internally also supports Chu Shogi (but none of the larger variants). But it does not have built-in (pictogram) images for all the required piece types, nor doesit have built-in kanji. For this reason Chu Shogi was not included as a choicein the New Variant menu. With externally supplied piece images it would work, however, and it even allows entry of two-leg Lionmoves without the aid of an engine or use of the Ctrl key. (It would not be aware of the Lion-trading rules without engine, though.)

In the standard version Chu Shogi also works in XBoard, which actually does have pictograms for all required pieces (for any board size, because XBoard pieces are scalable vector graphics). ThereforChu is on the New Variant menu in XBoard. In addition XBoard does have a option to render UTF8 text on pieces, so that it can be configured to use kanji pieces for any variant, in combination with an image of a blank Shogi tile. The standard version of WinBoard/XBoard furthermore has a feature that allows engines to reconfigure the GUI move generator, basically defining its own games without the need for any prior knowledge of it by the GUI. This method is not versatile enough yet to support Tenjiku Shogi however. (The Fire-Demon burns ad jumping geerals would be a problem.) And the number ofpiece typesis still limited to 66, which also excludes the really big variants. Wa, Dai, Cashew and Macadamia Shogi could be played this way, however.
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