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small issues replaying games

PostPosted: 26 Nov 2017, 12:58
by F. Bluemers
These are with winboard 4.8 so maybe these are solved in 4.9?
Anyway, recently I generate (lots of) games which I then want to look through in wb.
There are always the popup windows with gametags and "comment on ....".
Games always start in autoreplay mode,I guess that's a logical choice,but I cannot halt it when an engine is in analyze mode.
After double-clicking a game from the gamelist,a different game is then highlighted in the gamelist.
Unlike for epd files,the gameindex is not shown in the title bar.


Re: small issues replaying games

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2018, 15:28
by TerenceRud
I don't think this was ever solved, but I haven't tried generating massive amounts of games in 4.9 so I can't speak for certain.