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GreKo 2017, fixed

PostPosted: 08 Jan 2018, 16:07
by Vladimir Medvedev

If you have downloaded previous release on 31-Dec-2017, please replace it with this one, dated 08-Jan-2018. Serious bug in time management was fixed.

GreKo 2017

*** HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ***

(new) * Rewritten almost from scratch. Code cleanup.
(new) * Evaluation function redesigned.
(new) * Trained on CCRL games collection (700K+ games) and self-play matches.
(chg) * Time management formula changed.

This version is mostly for experiments with evaluation function tuning.
It doesn't have some features from previous versions (opening book, multipv, variable strength).
Estimated rating 2700-2750 on CCRL scale.

To set hash size in WB mode use command line argument:

GreKo.exe -h <hash size in Mb>