Released for Mac and Linux

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Released for Mac and Linux

Postby jasper13 » 11 Jul 2018, 13:30

Hello people,

Pulsar was originally released for windows in 2009. I"ve compiled it now for Mac and Linux. Few edits to make it compile but same code as original pulsar2009-9b. Linux code is identical to Mac. Download at

Can play Chess, Crazyhouse, Atomic, Giveaway, Suicide, Loser's, Three Checks, Fischer Random, Shatranj, 2King, as well as various seaboard wilds. It supports analysis mode in Atomic, Loser's, Giveaway/Suicide, Crazyhouse, 3Checks and regular chess.

I've been running it in Xboard on a computer account for a few days on mac, no issues. As some know i have made a Java interface to at and Pulsar can be loaded into that for analysis in ICC examine mode in different variants with Options / Load Winboard Engine.

The binaries are freeware per the license on the page.

Thanks for your time,
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