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Crafty Classic 2004 release

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 03:39
by katiequinn

Yes ,another release of the modified Crafty SE series, this one named Crafty Classic 2004. It is my interpretation of the "best of Crafty 19.XX" with a few wrinkles of my own.

Four new GM personalities with 4 new personality books!

GM Anand
GM Chigorin
GM Kranmik
GM Leko

As long as you play that these GMs have seen before, it will stay in book. )Note: These books were auto-generated , and will not play the exact percenatages of moves that the GM played in a given position.

This Crafty is differrent from past SE series, I scoured the 19.XX sources - leaving in (IMO) the best parts of Crafty to come up with a compilation of Crafty 2004. That is why there is no version # associated with this edition , it is not based on any one Crafty source.

This exact same engine will soon be released for CEBoard by Alain Zanchetta.

CE Board is perhaps the most complete chess program for a PPC - allowing the user to search for games by position. The next release will have two Crafty engines - Crafty 19.17 SE PB and thisrelease Crafty Classic.

Re: Crafty Classic 2004 release

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2019, 09:08
by H.G.Muller
Note that XBoard also supports position search. But perhaps it is not readily available for PowerPC?