icsdrone problem

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icsdrone problem

Postby Wojciech Dziuba » 02 Feb 2020, 13:03

Hello, I ran chess engine on freechess.org.I`m trying to ran it with icsdrone(from github repository) when I login as a guest all is ok , but when I loged in my freechess.org handle after less then minute I get
Code: Select all
Sat Feb  1 21:02:52 2020:DEBUG:icsdrone->ics: ping_973258318\012
Sat Feb  1 21:02:52 2020:DEBUG:ping counter is now: 1
Sat Feb  1 21:02:52 2020:DEBUG:Creating timer over non-NULL pointer.Calling "delete_timer".
Sat Feb  1 21:02:52 2020:DEBUG:Select interrupted without data. A timer fired?
Sat Feb  1 21:02:52 2020:DEBUG:1 timer events processed
Sat Feb  1 21:02:52 2020:DEBUG:ics->icsdrone: 21:02_fics% ping_973258318: Command not found.\012
Sat Feb  1 21:03:52 2020:DEBUG:icsdrone->ics: ping_973258318\012
Sat Feb  1 21:03:52 2020:DEBUG:ping counter is now: 2
Sat Feb  1 21:03:52 2020:ERROR:Too many pings missed.
Sat Feb  1 21:03:52 2020:DEBUG:Closing proxy.

the connection stops, what shoul I do? here is my loging script
Code: Select all
env TERM=vt100   icsdrone\
                -icsHost freechess.org\
                -icsPort 5000\
                -program "/home/mel/hutnik/polyglot"\
                -dontReuseEngine on\
                -timeseal /home/mel/zseal\
                -loginScript /home/mel/hutnikics\
                -owner Quwhy\
                -console on\
                -autoJoin on\
                -sendGameEnd "seek 5 0 r m f\nseek 20 0 r m f\n"\
                -issueRematch on\
                -limitRematches 100\
                -resign off\
                -acceptDraw off\
                -easyMode off\
                -shortLogging off\
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