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Re: Windows releases

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2021, 09:54
by H.G.Muller
supersharp77 wrote:Tried using this release but it has some sort of bug and there is no polyglot adapter in the winboard loads very slowly and crashed after trying to load some standard chess it doesn't look to be operational at this time... :) :wink:

It does not contain a Polyglot adapter, because it is configured to use UCI2WB as UCI adapter instead. For me this works without problems. I think there even is a copy of a UCI engine (Stockfish) included in the package, with WinBoard preconfigured to use it. Does that work for you?

The other thing you mention I cannot judge without more information. 'Loading very slowly' could mean that the engine is loaded as the wrong type (UCI vs WB), and that WinBoard is waiting for the engine to respond to a (WB) 'protover 2' command. Which it will of course not do if it is UCI, so then WinBoard will have to wait a bit before it times out and concludes that no response will be forthcoming. This could be a problem when you have selected automatic protocol detection in the Load Engine dialog; it takes time before you can be sure an engine is not of a certain protocol, because some engines are naturally slow even when you use the right protocol.

Also, 'crashing' seems to be a relative notion. Did you really get a Windows popup saying "winboard.exe stopped working"? Or did WinBoard just conclude that what you asked it to do was impossible (like loading an engine that did not exist), and popped up a 'Fatal Error' message to inform you of what you did wrong?