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How to use the JAWS menu ?

PostPosted: 28 Mar 2016, 02:51
by dergham
Hi everyone
First of all ,I would like to express my appreciation .This software has some features not found in many commercial programs.
While not blind , I want to practice blind chess.The JAWS menu may give a nice aid if the position get blurry in mind . Unfortunately I am not able to configure it correctly. I installed WinBoard 5.4.2 and I downloaded and installed the other program that you give its link " ... dness/JAWS".This installed a program called FSReader 3.0. The JAWS menu still not working. I tried following the instructions in the help file "Setting Up WinBoard 4.5 for JAWS " but I couldn't. Something is missing.
Can you help me please ?
thank you