Super Tournament XXVIII 8CPU (Final Standings)

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Super Tournament XXVIII 8CPU (Final Standings)

Postby Graham Banks » 17 Oct 2017, 20:21


Intel Xeon X5430x2 Octal
2048mb hash where possible
3-4-5 piece tablebases
Ponder off
GBSelect2017-2.cgb book
2 hours and 30 second increments
10 cycles 30 rounds (60 games total)

Final Standings

16.0 - Stockfish 071017 64-bit 8CPU
15.0 - SugaR XPrO 071017 64-bit 8CPU
14.5 - Houdini 6.02 Pro 64-bit 8CPU
14.5 - Komodo 1945.00 64-bit 8CPU

The complete tournament pgn (zipped) can be downloaded here: ... p?id=40541
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